Charlotte Kramer


Explore a view of history which challenges centuries of lies and deception during a time when religion and science were locked in a struggle to control the masses and perhaps even the future of an entire empire

"Holy Murder" Takes place in Alexandria near the delta of the Nile River. The Characters are both historical and fictional in order to tell the story of a time in history that has been clouded in lies and legends for centuries.

In 1788 a poor Scottish family crosses the Atlantic Ocean in a leaky boat in search of a better life.

The New lands of America offer them a promise The McKinnon's dream, to prosper like nobles, withers to the realities of surviving the wild woods of Rockingham, North Carolina.

"The New Landers" surrounds you in the lives of the McKinnon family as they discover the harsh realities of the new world together and fight for survival in a wild un-tamed land.


A near drowning puts a rebellious teen, Jim McKinnon, into a coma. Transported into the past, Jim travels with the Cherokee

during their exodus across perilous mountain ranges and through blinding snow storms. Jim confronts Andrew Jackson and uncovers "Old Hickory's" carefully protected, historical secrets.

Jim McKinnon, aka "Bridge Boy", comes of age while learning the true reasons behind the infamous "Trail of Tears". While in his coma,

Jim's destiny is revealed to him by a beautiful, young Indian girl who mysteriously reappears in his post-coma life.


Rebel Pharaoh - Hatshepsut Unveiled explores the Life of Hatshepsut from a mischievous princess, to a reluctant chief wife, finally a majestic Pharaoh. Secrets of the legendary Land of the Punt revealed.